5th Dimension Integrates to the Airlines Reporting Corporation® Platform to Perfect the Airline Payments Process

5th Dimension Logistics enters a strategic relationship with Airlines Reporting Corporation® (ARC) to collaborate on an innovative approach to airline payments

Following a productive soft launch of their integration with Airlines Reporting Corporation settlement system, 5th Dimension (5thDL) has made the product commercially available to support credit card processing for the airline and hospitality industries. Merchant account services is often a challenge for future delivery products and services as the risk of chargebacks and customer discontent is increased. 5th Dimension and ARC can help solve that problem both systematically and through its robust banking relationships. As a payment solution provider, 5thDL is in the unique position to combine its technology and experience to deliver payment solutions tailored specifically for airlines utilizing ARC’s products and services.

The multi-faceted approach benefits airlines by enhancing payment security, providing advanced sales reporting and reducing credit card fees. Through these services 5th DL will also assist their clients in streamlining their sales and reporting processes. The working relationship with ARC will benefit 5th Dimension by helping 5thDL expand their reach within the travel industry. ARC stands to benefit as well. By solving credit card processing issues for airlines, ARC achieves the ability to increase its customer base by simplifying the process to integrate and utilize GDS (Global Distribution System) with the ARC settlement system.

The 5thDL payment gateway can now become a tremendous asset to the ARC payment ecosystem. Member airlines will not only gain access to a best in class reporting system, but they will also achieve greater payment security through advanced fraud prevention tools and Level 1 PCI compliance. Most importantly, after completing integration to the Global Distribution System (GDS) for reservations, 5thDL will be able to gather all the necessary data required to lower credit card transaction costs and optimize cash flow.

5th Dimension, a global leader in the payment industry, is known for its leading-edge technology, and its client-centric payment gateway aptly named “the H.U.B” (Helping Unifying Business). Based on decades of experience in the travel and airline industries, 5th Dimension has developed a robust payment platform that boasts modules like FBI Tools, the Titan Data Vault, Customer Scoring and the Echo Data Exchange. The HUB also enables omni-channel services and a cloud based integration hub to further facilitate PCI Compliance and 3rd party integration to ARC.

“Integration to ARC is giving 5th Dimension Logistics a unique opportunity to expand our reach further into the travel vertical, which is point of emphasis for us in 2015.” said Matanda Doss, CEO of 5th Dimension. “Also an objective is to help ARC members gain better access to payment technologies, reduce their credit card processing fees and optimize their cash flow. We view this relationship as an investment in future growth for all parties involved.”

About ARC
ARC powers the U.S.-based travel industry with premier business solutions, travel agency accreditation services, process and financial management tools, and powerful data analytics. In 2013, ARC settled $86 billion worth of carrier ticket transactions for more than 9,400 travel agencies with 13,000 points of sale. By providing world-class business services and products, ARC enables participating agencies and 200 carriers to focus on what's important—increasing their revenue. Established in 1984, ARC is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. For more information, please visit http://www.arccorp.com.

About 5th Dimension Logistics
5th Dimension Logistics is a PCI Compliance Level 1 certified payment gateway and transaction solution. As a global leader in electronic payment processing, 5th Dimension Logistics empowers small businesses, large enterprises in various industries to accept and manage secure payment processing. The 5th Dimension Logistics payment gateway offers the most innovative payment technology including tokenization, Fraud-based Intelligent (FBI) tools, E-commerce solutions, and enterprise payment software. Adjunct to the gateway is 5th Dimension Logistics’ mobile credit card and E-check processing app Easy Charge™. Easy Charge™ enables merchants to accept mobile payments anywhere in the world from Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to general credit card processing, 5th Dimension Logistics is the sole gateway provider for a $9.8 billion dollar private label card with 12.5 million users. For more information about merchant accounts, payment gateway services, enterprise payments and/or small business payments go to http://www.5thDL.com.


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