5th Dimension Logistics Announces the Launch of Automatic Recurring Billing

5th Dimension Logistics updates its automatic recurring billing system to provide a top of the line solution for its clients.

5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) has announced the launch of its advanced Automatic Recurring Billing system (ARB): an enterprise-level system designed to assist corporations by automatically billing accounts placed on recurring billing and layaway plans. With this launch, 5th Dimension Logistics has continued to emphasize the importance of a simple all-in-one solution. The ARB system empowers merchants and especially their customers to view and manage their billing plans anywhere, anytime; leading to a drastic decrease in operating costs and improved overall cash flow for the merchant.

The complexity of managing payment plans has long been a problem for merchants, especially within the retail sector. ARB tackles these issues head on. The system allows for flexible payment dates, prorated payments, and electronically notifies 3rd party systems when the plan has been satisfied. This 3rd party integration eases the pain of fulfillment, shipping and delivery of the final product or service. Additionally, the system notifies merchants of credit cards that will expire in 30, 60 and 90 days. In the event that cards do expire, 5th DL also offers the Card Account Updater which retrieves updated payment account data directly from the credit card providers. With the Transaction Recycling feature, the system will automatically retry failed payments on behalf of the merchant.

ARB consists of two portals: My Payment Manager (MPM) and the Payment Management Center (PMC). The portals can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device to provide up to the minute reporting.

My Payment Manager (MPM) is designed to help consumers and customer service representatives efficiently manage payments. Through an easy to user interface, customers and service representatives can quickly locate payment plan details, access payment reports, edit customer information and change payment credentials. Upon login to MPM, the system notifies customers of actions that need to be taken, thus streamlining the overall management of ongoing payments and plans. By enabling customers to easily manage their payments in MPM, without the assistance of customer service, merchants can dramatically decrease the need for large call centers. This translates to a huge cost savings for our (merchant) clients.

The Payment Management Center (PMC) provides a top down view for managers to review performance and projections by plan. The built-in reporting system within PMC also provides flexible custom reports to drastically simplify analysis for managers.

“5th Dimension Logistics has a large customer base with a need for automated payment plans. It is paramount that we consistently provide better solutions for our clients,” says Matanda Doss, CEO of 5th Dimension Logistics, “with recent enhancements to ARB, we project the number of payments in the system to increase by 75% this year.”

5th Dimension Logistics, a leader in the payments industry, is dedicated to developing innovative payment technology to simplify the payment process and empowering merchants. The ARB system is a vital portion of 5thDL’s all-in-one solution, especially for enterprise-level clients. In combination with the Titan Data Vault, Fraud Based Intelligence Tools and various other functionalities, merchants can decrease the size of their cost centers by allowing their individual customers access to the payment system.


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