5th Dimension Logistics Completes a Long Awaited Integration With the OmniPay Platform

5th Dimension Logistics has finished an integration to the OmniPay platform, accelerating their global payment strategy.

5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) has announced the completion of its integration into the OmniPay platform, extending its global accessibility as a payment processing solution. Integration with OmniPay will provide international businesses with the ability to securely process transactions through the 5th Dimension gateway. Additionally, US based merchants can easily extend their reach and execute their global growth strategies. This integration will provide deeper penetration into Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong which will relieve pent up demand for 5th Dimension’s software and services in those regions. 5thDL will not only introduce its competitive payment software solution into additional global markets, but will also continue to challenge the industry standards by offering access to their global transaction hub around the world. Through this integration, OmniPay will benefit from 5th Dimension’s versatile functionality and advanced security.

5th Dimension Logistics, known for its cutting-edge payment technology and its user-friendly payment gateway, has been delivering international solutions to the merchant community for almost a decade. “We appreciate the effort from OmniPay and our sponsor - European Merchant Services - during this integration,” states Mr. Doss, the president of 5th Dimension Logistics, “The rigorous security protocols and tireless human resources made this an enterprise ready solution from day one. Further, this integration provides us the opportunity to better deliver our all-in-one payment solution to clients domiciled on any continent.”

Localized payment processing and limited currency support no longer fulfills clients’ needs in the modern economy. This integration satisfies a desire by acquiring banks and processing platforms to acquire global merchants who need multi-currency processing, high levels of security and aggressive fraud prevention tools. 5thDL has embedded their solution inside of IBM’s WebStore Commerce platform to provide these services on demand, in the cloud and at competitive rates. 5thDL’s proliferation through product integrations, new acquiring relationships and advanced value added services will benefit merchants of all sizes in almost every country around the world.

About 5th Dimension Logistics
5th Dimension Logistics is a PCI Compliance Level 1 certified payment gateway and transaction solution. As a global leader in electronic payment processing, 5th Dimension Logistics empowers small businesses, large businesses, specialty retailers, merchants and consumers to accept and manage secure online payments. The 5th Dimension Logistics payment gateway offers the most innovative payment technology in the industry, including tokenized recurring billing, ecommerce solutions, and enterprise payment software. 5th Dimension Logistics’ shopping cart support includes well known carts such as Magento, Ubercart, Xcart and ZenCart. 5th Dimension provides advanced credit card fraud detection and prevention tools such as tokenization, a customer scoring system and risk management controls to clients all over the world. Adjunct to the gateway is 5th Dimension Logistics’ mobile credit card and E-check processing app Easy Charge™. Easy Charge enables merchants to accept mobile payments anywhere in the world from Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to general credit card processing, 5th Dimension Logistics is the sole gateway provider for a $9.8 billion dollar private label card with 12.5 million users. For more information about merchant accounts, payment gateway services, enterprise payments and/or small business payments go to http://www.5thdl.com.


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