5th Dimension Logistics Has Established a New Partnership With AVNET® Inc.

A recent partnership with AVNET® Inc., aims to improve the market presence and brand awareness in the IBM WebSphere 8.0 E-Commerce platform.

5th Dimension Logistics and AVNET Inc. have signed a strategic alliance partnership agreement to develop the IBM WebSphere 8.0 E-Commerce platform. AVNET completed the development of a 5th Dimension Logistics software extension to enable global e-payment processing and access to versatile functionality on transactions processed on the IBM WebSphere 8.0 E-Commerce platform.

This technical integration and strategic alliance will increase 5th Dimension Logistics’ market presence in the latest version of the E-commerce platform. By partnering with AVNET, a like-minded enterprise that is dedicated to facilitating global e-payments for its clients, 5th Dimension Logistics will become a significant section of AVNET’s E-Commerce solutions for enterprise merchants around the world. During the process of developing an extension for 5th Dimension Logistics, AVNET has obtained a better understanding of e-payments processing and up-to-date demand from its enterprise merchants. For AVNET’s e-Commerce clients, implementing 5th Dimension Logistics as their payment gateway will not only strengthen their payment processing security but will also improve operational efficiency. Utilizing 5th Dimension Logistics payment gateway as a core piece in the WebSphere E-Commerce platform, AVNET not only achieves the rapid connect to 260 different currencies, but also strengthens data security by implementing full tokenization and PCI compliance.

5th Dimension Logistics, known for its cutting-edge payment gateway technology and user-friendly payment gateway interface named “the H.U.B.” (Helping Unifying Business), gives merchants complete control of their online transaction processing. “We are excited to partner with AVNET to bring both breadth and depth in the latest E-Commerce platform. As an innovative leader in the E-Commerce market, AVNET is an ideal partner for 5th Dimension Logistics to improve operational efficiency and optimize payments for E-Commerce merchants,” according to Matanda Doss, President of 5th Dimension Logistics. AVNET, a leader in the electronic components industry, has been committed to supporting global system integrations to benefit its clients on modern E-Commerce platforms for years.

5th Dimension Logistics is a great strategic alliance partner for AVNET and this collaboration exemplifies its dedication and commitment to improving and strengthening E-payment processing. 5th Dimension Logistics will contribute an all-in-one solution for AVNET and its clients on the IBM WebSphere 8.0 E-Commerce platform in order to better support the online payment process for E-commerce merchants. Hence, strategically integrating 5th Dimension Logistics’ online payment gateway into AVNET’s solution for E-Commerce clients will be essential and vital to successfully implementing this partnership plan. As this alliance develops, 5th Dimension Logistics will continuously offer AVNET and its clients online payment solutions with versatile functionality.

About 5th Dimension Logistics
5th Dimension Logistics is a PCI Compliance Level 1 certified payment gateway and transaction solution. As a global leader in electronic payment processing, 5th Dimension Logistics empowers small businesses, large businesses, specialty retailers, merchants and consumers to accept and manage secure online payments. The 5th Dimension Logistics payment gateway offers the most innovative payment technology in the industry, including tokenized recurring billing, E-commerce solutions, and enterprise payment software. 5th Dimension Logistics’ shopping cart support includes well-known carts such as Magento, Ubercart, Xcart and ZenCart. 5th Dimension provides advanced credit card fraud detection and prevention tools such as tokenization, customer scoring system and risk management controls to clients all over the world. Adjunct to the gateway is 5th Dimension Logistics’ mobile credit card and E-check processing app Easy Charge™. Easy Charge enables merchants to accept mobile payments anywhere in the world from Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to general credit card processing, 5th Dimension Logistics is the sole gateway provider for $9.8 billion dollar private label card with 12.5 million users. For more information about merchant accounts, payment gateway services, enterprise payments and/or small business payments go to http://www.5thdl.com.


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