5th Dimension Logistics Launches Intelligent Load Balancer

An advanced load balancer to better support Omni-channel merchants

5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) announced today the enhancement of the Intelligent Load Balancer to better support Omni-channel merchants. The expanded functionality acts as a transaction routing engine for the allocation of transactions to specific processors based on interchange rates, security reserves, geographic locations, processor outages and unique payment methods. The highly advanced Intelligent Load Balancer not only reduces cross-border and foreign transaction fees, but also allows merchants to minimize the impact of outages in the event of downtime by credit card processors. Amazingly, all of this functionality is delivered at no extra charge to the merchant and can actually reduce overall payment transaction costs.

In addition, the Intelligent Load Balancer helps companies mitigate the risk associated with global processing and managing merchant account complexities. Recent system enhancements include BIN (Bank Identification Number) routing, geo-IP address routing and the ability to link multiple load balancing rules together. In addition to managing risk, merchants are able to lower their overall cost to process credit cards by understanding how fees are generated and minimizing them when possible. All of this make the new features very compelling to businesses of all sizes.

A robust data set beneath the Load Balancing transaction engine provides an advanced reporting system that simplifies reconciliation and channel analysis. The system will generate reports broken down by sales channel, currency, time, card type and merchant account and more. While the data can be displayed in an online pivot-table, users can also export to 3rd party tools.

After recently partnering with OmniPay to expand 5th Dimension currency offering, the Load Balancer became a crucial component to payment management for merchants. The ability to automatically route transactions locally and across borders enables merchant access to a broader customer base.

“We value our client’s business initiatives and will continue to improve our solutions to assist in any way we can. When we are in the field, we hear Omni-channel and international expansion as the two most important initiatives in 2015.” according to Matanda Doss, the CEO of 5th Dimension Logistics. “Recent enhancements to the Load Balancer will help our merchants execute their plans. A catalyst to their efforts will be our tools that help minimize transaction costs, reduce cross-border fees and facilitate merchant account management.”

5th Dimension Logistics, a global leader in the payments industry, is devoted to constantly improving its cutting-edge payment security and technology to assist business owners in managing their transactions better. Intelligent Load Balancer is a piece of an all-in-one payment solution delivered by 5th Dimension Logistics. With Fraud Based Intelligence (FBI) Tools, Titan Data Vault, Intelligent Load Balancer and various functionalities, merchants can minimize their transaction costs, while reaching the highest levels of security.


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