5th Dimension Logistics Launches Partnership With Cornerstone Merchant Services, Inc to Increase Security for Payment Processing and Reduce Credit Card Fees

A new partnership aims to streamline the process of running credit cards so that consumers may securely run transactions while merchants save money.

Today 5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL), a payment gateway provider recognized as a technology leader in the payment processing industry, announced a new partnership with Cornerstone Merchant Services Inc in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together the partners will tackle both data security and payment processing while helping their customers reduce their overall cost to process electronic payments.

5th Dimension Logistics, who was a finalist for the Payments Innovation award in 2014, has been a market disrupter with their innovation and credit card processing solutions in the payments space. Matanda Doss, president of 5th Dimension, is excited about the new relationship, “Partnering with a company like Cornerstone Merchant Services will help us deliver our industry best solutions to facilitate PCI Compliance, optimize payment processes and help merchants bolster their electronic payment security infrastructure.”

Cornerstone is focused on helping fellow businesses achieve success and paving the way for them to adopt new technologies that will reduce to the time and cost required to stay ahead of the competition. “Understanding the needs of merchants is essential to delivering simple, yet powerful solutions aimed at profit leaks and payment data vulnerabilities.” Founder Chuck Ley proclaimed. “This isn’t something new we are trying, this is how we have been doing business for more than a decade. 5th Dimension simply shortens the path for us to enhance merchant payment security while reducing the merchant’s overall cost to process credit cards.”

Cornerstone Merchant Services and 5th Dimension are helping merchants worldwide in their efforts to globalize their businesses and expand their channel footprint. Through their new partnership 5thDL and Cornerstone will offer smartphone apps, tablet based payment processing, recurring billing solutions and a robust fraud prevention platform (FBI Tools). Also important to their joint offering are credit card tokenization, a customer scoring system and a cloud based data exchange known as Echo. The Echo Data Exchange simplifies system to system integration in an effort to reduce merchant’s overall IT spend and accelerate their time to PCI Compliance.

About 5th Dimension Logistics
5th Dimension Logistics is a PCI Compliance Level 1 certified payment gateway and transaction hub. As a global leader in electronic payment processing, 5th Dimension empowers small businesses, large businesses, specialty retailers, merchants and consumers to accept and manage secure online payments. The 5th Dimension payment gateway offers the most innovative payment solutions in the industry, including tokenized recurring billing, ecommerce solutions, and enterprise payment software. 5thDL.com’s shopping cart support includes well known carts such as Magento, Ubercart, Xcart and ZenCart. 5th Dimension provides advanced credit card fraud detection and prevention tools, tokenization, a virtual terminal, a customer scoring system and risk management controls to merchants all over the world. Adjunct to the gateway is 5th Dimension’s mobile credit card and echeck processing app Easy Charge™. Easy Charge enables merchants to accept mobile payments anywhere in the world from Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to general credit card processing, 5thDL is the sole gateway provider for a $9.8 billion dollar private label card with 12.5 million users. For more information about merchant accounts, payment gateway services, enterprise payments and/or small business payments go to http://www.5thdl.com.

About Cornerstone Merchant Services, Inc.
Cornerstone Merchant Services was founded by CEO Chuck Ley in 2004. Originally a small family business, it has quickly grown into a powerhouse in the merchant services industry. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cornerstone has helped countless businesses, small and large, expand the ways they help their customers. Always looking ahead for new ways to help fellow businesses achieve the success they work so hard for, Cornerstone strives to be at the forefront of technological advances. Whether a merchant has 1 or 1,000 locations, Cornerstone will help them meet payment processing needs. Cornerstone offers support for a number of payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, as well as an array of other regional and national debit cards. Service distinguishes Cornerstone from other merchant account suppliers. With an around the clock Client Service Center and Terminal Help Desk experienced support staff are only a phone call away.


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