5th Dimension Logistics Participates in OnTop Technology's Lunch N' Learn Panel to Discuss Security Within Cloud-Based Systems

Four brilliant Arizona companies gathered to answer questions and discuss the hot topic of security as it relates to cloud-based data storage.

On Sep 9th, the CEO of 5th Dimension Logistics participated in a “Cloud-based Security” panel, co-sponsored by the Arizona Tech Council and OnTop Technology at Mastro’s City Hall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Prominent members of Arizona’s IT community were invited to join this panel. Speakers from OnTop Technology, Fender Guitars, AlertLogic and 5th Dimension Logistics discussed data security and the multiple approaches to safe computing in the cloud. Panelists shared their vast experience, security strategies, and horror stories.

Security concerns “in the cloud” are drawing increased attention in various industries. For many companies, preventing data breaches never appeared on their list of priorities. Nonetheless, massive amounts of data were swiftly migrated into the cloud, and at the same time, companies both large and small became victims of data breaches. It has taken a lot of media attention, hardship, and loss of money for companies to finally take note of this growing threat. The audience was exposed to multiple approaches in cloud security by Fender Guitar, AlertLogic and 5th Dimension Logistics.

Security has always been the top priority for 5th Dimension Logistics, “I always tell my team that we are in the security business, and by the way, we do payments.” exclaimed Matanda Doss, CEO of 5th Dimension. Since 5th Dimension Logistics is always extremely cautious about potential security threats in the cloud, Mr. Doss shared these thoughts: “I believe proper cloud-based security is about layers. In addition to internal and programmatic security measures, we also rely on external security layers provided by IO Data Centers, OnTop Technology, and AlertLogic, to name a few.” Given this approach, security is provided on multiple independent fronts. In many cases, the systems at play are not aware of each other. Such multi-layer security systems allow robust security policies and create an intricate security threat matrix that can focus on disparate simultaneous attacks. The simpler of the attacks are often repelled by any one of the solutions, but in order to stop a real determined and skilled attack, experts need to supplement the their defenses with data analysis.

It is important to note that a large majority of intruders gain access via phishing schemes, and that breaches are often facilitated or initiated at the employee level. One click on the wrong email or sharing your password with the wrong person could lead to a catastrophic security disaster for a business, and everlasting effects on a business’s reputation.

All panelists emphasized the importance of an evergreen security program. Regardless of the data storage location and security schemes, routine security scans must be a standard practice, occurring each and every time there is a change in the software, hardware, or computing systems. Even an upgrade or modification to a phone system can provide entry into a secure data space. Knowing all of this, the panelists reiterated: System security is not something that is achieved, but rather something that is managed and maintained on multiple fronts. Each employee from the executive level to interns should know their own industry's security protocols and follow them faithfully. In addition to ensuring level one PCI Compliance, 5th Dimension Logistics makes security the highest priority. As a global payment provider, 5th Dimension Logistics is entrusted with keeping client information and payment data safe, and will do everything in its power to ensure that it remains safe and secure.


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