5th Dimension Logistics Payment Gateway Launches Cloud Based "Echo Data Exchange" System

A new system aims to simplify information management for business owners to downstream partners on the e-commerce platform.

5th Dimension Logistics, a global leader in the payment solution technology industry, announced the launch of a new information management system called the “Echo Data Exchange”. As a part of their existing payment gateway, Echo system is designed to give Small and Medium (sized) Businesses (SMB) better control of supply chain systems and easily distribute information to downstream partners.

In their current environment, merchants are often challenged by supply chain synchronization and integration of the systems used to run their businesses. Echo will route data of any kind including, but not limited to accounting, inventory data, customer information, and fulfillment. These point to point integrations create additional cost, security concerns and management overhead for IT personnel. Through the Echo Data Exchange, merchants can centralize the management and integration of these systems in a secure, scalable cloud. Simplification of their supply chain integrations will save them both time and money while creating operational efficiencies that were otherwise unattainable.

“We are excited to release the Echo Data Exchange to our merchant partners. Echo, coupled with our payment hub will provide customers the flexibility of a cloud-based solution and a centralized management tool for integrating to their trading partners and vendors. Along with those features, the Echo Data Exchange will shorten our merchants’ path to PCI Compliance,” according to the president of 5th Dimension Logistics. “The Echo Data Exchange system will bring business owners an all-in-one e-commerce solution, enabling merchants to reduce costs on IT infrastructure and the complexity of point-to-point integrations.”

At a fraction of the cost of traditional EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) systems, the Echo Data Exchange is also significantly easier for merchants to set up and maintain. Being a cloud based product, Echo is also scalable and fault tolerant.

5th Dimension Logistics, known for its cutting-edge payment gateway technology is dedicated to helping merchants find enterprise level solutions for a price that fits their SMB wallet. The Echo Data Exchange is one of a suite of products delivered by 5th Dimension Logistics to transform the way merchants run their business. With robust fraud prevention, customer scoring and recurring billing platforms, merchants are saving time, reaching higher levels of security and reducing their infrastructure costs.


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