5th Dimension Logistics Completes Integration With Multisoft

5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) finds extraordinary value in a newly developed integration to Multisoft Software.

Affiliate marketing, or multi-level marketing (MLM) is the process of making commissions by selling and promoting the products of another person’s company. Affiliate marketing companies often require a very intricate reporting, commission and inventory system. Multisoft is one of the most adaptable and easy to use, all-in-one solutions available for affiliate marketing business owners on the market currently. 5th DL’s integration to this software has given the company an opportunity to serve another complex business type, proving the true versatility of its software. Through completing integration to Multisoft, 5th Dimension Logistics has expanded its library of merchant types to include not only travel, airlines and ecommerce, but also high risk types such as affiliate marketing companies.

5th Dimension Logistics’ payment gateway was designed with the needs of high risk merchants in mind. Modules such as Fraud Based Intelligence (FBI) Tools, Customer Scoring, Automatic Recurring Billing and Interchange Optimization allow merchants in travel, e-commerce and air travel to run their businesses in a consolidated manner, while reducing interchange cost. The newly completed integration to Multisoft has created the opportunity for 5thDL to better cater to a complex vertical. 5thDL and Multisoft work together includes advanced reporting, inventory management, distribution (for thousands of affiliates) through 5thDL’s Echo Data Exchange, and commission pay outs; all of which help multi-level marketing merchants achieve a higher level of efficiency.

Multisoft has successfully provided MLM software to the affiliate marketing and direct sales industries for over two decades. Multisoft provides software systems, distributor training, MLM consulting and support to thousands of businesses globally. “This integration will expand 5th Dimension’s reach within the high risk sector, providing innovative software to an endless number of merchants who seek a payment processing solution,” stated CEO of 5th Dimension Logistics, Matanda Doss.

5th Dimension provides a Level 1 PCI Compliant system that is a secure, cost effective gateway service to Multisofts’ clients. By choosing to work with 5thDL and Multisoft, MLM merchants and partners will reduce the cost to process credit cards, gain access to advanced analytics and streamline business processes freeing up more time to focus on products, customers, and the distributors needed to ensure the success of their business.

5th Dimension Logistics
5th Dimension Logistics, a leader in the payments industry, is dedicated to developing innovative payment technology to simplify the payment process and empowering merchants. The ARB system is a vital portion of 5thDL’s all-in-one solution, especially for enterprise-level clients. In combination with the Titan Data Vault, Fraud Based Intelligence Tools and various other functionalities, merchants can decrease the size of their cost centers by allowing their individual customers access to the payment system.


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