Our First Decade - SPARROW's Footprints and Milestones

Click the picture and join us to review our first decade of footprints and milestones.

2006 - Superior Financial Service (SFS) was established to provide a better solution for merchant processing. 

2007 - 5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) was established and became the exclusive payment gateway for US MILITARY STAR Credit Card.

2008 - SFS expanded its credit card processing service to Canada and Mexico.

2009 - SFS gained access to and processed in 26 countries worldwide.

2010 - Advanced interchange optimization technology was developed at 5thDL and helped hundreds of organizations stop profit leaks.

2011 - 5thDL is able to process 145 currencies and assists merchant's global expansion initiatives.

2011 - Advanced anti-fraud algorithms - Fraud Based Intelligence (FBI) Tools - was developed at 5thDL.

2012 - SFS partners with 5thDL to develop a advanced reporting and reconciliation tools. 

2013 - 5thDL is capable of processing over 200 currencies all over the world.

2013 - SFS became a Certified Developer Partner on multiple payment processing platforms.

2014 - 5thDL integrated directly into ARC enabling regional airlines to expand their sales footprint.

2014 - SFS & 5thDL together started precessing airline transactions by combining the processing strength of SFS and the superior technology of 5thDL.

2015 - 5th Dimension Logistics acquired its trusted partner Superior Financial Service and re-branded as SPARROW.