SPARROW Announces Its Partnership With Khamu Solutions, and Integrating Advanced Payment Technology to Sapphire Point of Sale Solutions.

SPARROW introduces a new Point of Sale system which enriches its one-stop payment solution for brick-and-mortar merchants.

SPARROW, a leading global payment solution provider, announced a new partnership with Khamu Solutions, a technology innovator that specializes in Point of Sale Solutions for the hospitality industry. This partnership successfully extends SPARROW’s cutting-edge payment technology to another outstanding hardware terminal. SPARROW’s payment gateway is fully embedded into Khamu’s Sapphire Point-of-Sale system, enriching SPARROW’s all-in-one card-present solutions for brick-and-mortar clients.

“SPARROW is always in the front line of supporting Omni-channel solutions for our clients,” says Matanda Doss, CEO at SPARROW. “This software-hardware integration escalates SPARROW’s strategic expansion into restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and sport venue ticket sale centers.”

SPARROW is always in the front line of supporting Omni-channel solutions for our clients. This software-hardware integration escalates SPARROW's strategic expansion into restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and sport venue ticket sale centers.

Matanda Doss, CEO and Founder of SPARROW

Integrated into Sapphire, SPARROW extends its technology offerings to clients whose business involves a large volume of card-present transactions via Point of Sale (P.O.S.) terminals. All modules in the SPARROW gateway such as: Fraud-Based Intelligent Tools (FBI Tools), Advanced Reporting, Customer Scoring and Interchange Optimization, are completely available for Sapphire users. This cross-platform technology extension also takes SPARROW’s Omni-channel offering to the next level. SPARROW’s clients are equipped to offer a seamless shopping experience to individual customers by engaging them via a P.O.S. system in a physical store, an online website terminal or Easy-Charge mobile application.

Khamu is glad to have SPARROW’s payment solution integrated into our suite of products,” said Steve Lipkin, CEO at Khamu. “SPARROW and Khamu perfect the payment solution for restaurants, arenas and cafeterias.”


SPARROW is a global payment solutions innovator that delivers state of the art tools and services to merchants, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and independent software vendors (ISVs). When product innovation is combined with superior levels of service it results in: increased operational efficiencies and cost-savings, Omni-channel products, and opportunities for business growth. Clients range from startup companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises. SPARROW provides highly transparent merchant account services to many verticals and all risk categories. Our cloud-based payment gateway software, military-grade security, and user-friendly interface deliver the most comprehensive payment solution to date for merchants around the globe.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at, email us at or contact us at 888-508-1610.

About Khamu Solutions

Khamu Solutions is a leading provider of Point-of-Sale Solutions, Online Ordering, Website Design and Hosting and Table Management Software for restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias and arenas throughout the United States.

Khamu was founded in 2002 and its headquarters are in Boise, Idaho.  For more information visit the company's website at email at and phone is 208-345-2250.

Source: SPARROWONE, LLC & Khamu Solutions


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