SPARROW Releases New Best in Flight iPad Mobile Point of Sale App

With the release of the newly designed Easy Charge mobile application, SPARROW brings security, fraud protection and real time reporting into a user friendly, mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) application.

Easy Charge is a mobile POS application that offers the ability to process any type of payment, at anytime, anywhere. Payment data is encrypted when the card is swiped; therefore it is never stored on the mobile device. By utilizing FBI Tools fraud protection system, suspicious transactions are rejected or suspended for later review. The user-friendly interface makes learning to use Easy Charge a snap. Receipts can be emailed or sent via text message to clients or sent to a mobile printer. Merchants utilizing gratuity will find the application convenient for themselves and their customers.

The latest version incorporates powerful features like picture tiles for quick order taking and a new encrypted credit card swiper. Now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play market, Easy Charge offers merchants the ability to avoid management of sensitive payment data in their own systems. At the same time, merchant partners are able to upgrade the point of purchase experience for their customers by reducing the overall time taken to execute a sale.

Easy Charge also employs SPARROW's Interchange Optimization protocols to lower the processing cost of credit cards sales. "Our merchants appreciate that we are nimble enough to meet their mobile Point of Sale needs and help them reduce cost, all while maintaining the simplicity and security a mobile app should deliver.” Matanda Doss, CEO of SPARROW.

Easy Charge transactions flow through the SPARROW payment gateway also referred to as “The HUB”. Utilizing PCI Compliant cloud technology means merchants have access to the all of the features offered by gateway from their mobile device. The gateway stores customer information in the secure Data Vault for rapid recall. After account numbers are encrypted and tokenized, merchants can quickly create secure recurring transactions that are easy to execute and track. The HUB offers both standard recurring payments and layaway payment plans. In addition, SPARROW’s own FBI Tools fraud protection, Customer Scoring and advanced analytics tools are just a few clicks away.

The release of SPARROW’s mobile Easy Charge application comes several months ahead of the EMV liability shift in October of this year. The new security requirement falls short of the European standard known as chip (card) and pin. In the US the standard will be chip and signature. Easy Charge prepares clients for both modalities through integration with the Ingenico iSMP mobile terminal. The iSMP adoption allows SPARROW’s clients to maintain security and reduce their overall liability in a convenient, on the go and in store payment solution. On the horizon is integration to a MagTek EMV mobile swiper due to hit the market in October.

SPARROW is a global payment solutions innovator that delivers state of the art tools and services to merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Product innovation combined with superior levels of service results in increased operational efficiencies and cost-savings, omni-channel products, and opportunities for business growth. Clients range from startup companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises.
SPARROW provides highly transparent merchant account services to many verticals and all risk categories. Our cloud-based payment gateway software, military-grade security, and a user-friendly interface delivers the most comprehensive payment solution to date to merchants around the globe.


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